Electronic Payment Portal
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Beginning July 20, 2018, FirstService Residential will be working with ClickPay as our new provider for accepting payments made online as well as through our existing Automatic Payment program. ClickPay will be replacing our existing online payment provider, PayLease, and will be the preferred way of accepting all resident payments moving forward. Through this new platform, residents can manage and make their payments online through individual or automatic payments made by e-check (ACH) now for FREE or by credit and debit card for a nominal fee of 2.95%.Please note the following regarding these changes.
Payments Made Online by e-Check (ACH) & Credit/Debit Card
Beginning July 20, 2018, we will be introducing ClickPay as our new provider for accepting payments online. Through this new platform, payments can be by e-check (ACH) now for FREE and credit/debit card for a fee.
Accounts and any automatic payments set up through PayLease will be deactivated on July 20, 2018. Residents will be required to activate their new account with ClickPay via the email being sent to them in order to make payments online moving forward.
Payments Made Through Our AutoPay Program
We will be transitioning our AutoPay program over to ClickPay beginning July 20, 2018. This change will not disrupt payments set up through our original program and no action will be required from residents. Payments will continue to withdraw automatically and will be listed on resident bank statements as the community or association name.
Residents wishing to edit their existing setup will be able to do so by following the instructions sent to them on or around July 20, 2018. For verification purposes, residents will need to confirm their account number and Automatic Payment banking information.
Payments Made by Paper Check
While there will be no change to how payments made by paper check are accepted, we strongly encourage the use of online payments through ClickPay in an effort to facilitate more timely payments and streamline the way residents manage and submit payments.